Volume 43, N. 2

April-June 2020

Relationship Between Shear Wave Velocity and Piezocone Penetration Tests on the Brazilian Continental Margin


Volume 43, N. 2, April-June 2020 | PDF (28 downloads)


A detailed characterization of the shear wave velocity profile is an essential tool in the resolution of a variety of seismological and geotechnical engineering problems. The main objective of this study is to present equations capable of providing reliable shear wave velocity profile estimations based on CPTu parameters. The results of a series of pioneering in-situ seismic piezocone penetration tests on the Brazilian continental margin are presented in this paper. A complete geological and geotechnical characterization of multiple sites was performed. Multiparameter and single parameter correlations were proposed between the measured shear wave velocity and the piezocone penetration test parameters. The suitability of the proposed correlations was evaluated by means of a statistical analysis and compared to the performance of previously published correlations using the test data parameters as input. The results show that the study was successful in presenting equations with superior performance for local soil conditions. Furthermore, this study yielded new reliable correlations that will benefit future projects in similar offshore environments.

Keywords: correlations, offshore geotechnical investigation, piezocone penetration tests, shear wave velocity,

Submitted on December 02, 2019.
Final Acceptance on May 12, 2020.
Discussion open until September 30, 2020.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.432219