Volume 47, N. 2

Special Issue: Geo-education (Invited Editor: K.V. Bicalho), April-June, 2024

What kinds of educational material are useful for and desired by university instructors? The case of Geotechnical Engineering


Volume 47, N. 2, Special Issue: Geo-education (Invited Editor: K.V. Bicalho), April-June, 2024 | DOWNLOAD PDF (240 downloads)


Αn online questionnaire was developed to find out (i) whether geotechnical engineering instructors have available a variety of satisfactory educational material and (ii) the types of educational material they desire. The title of the questionnaire was phrased as “What Geotechnical Engineering Educational Material can we dream of?”, in order to convey that the main purpose of the survey project reported herein is to learn about these desired educational materials. In doing so, the survey also aims to assemble information on related issues, such as: existing educational materials, where do instructors search for them and how satisfied they are with available material. The questionnaire has 12 close-ended (four yes/no and eight multiple choice) and four open-ended questions. From the 94 completed questionnaires received, 63 were deemed to be conscientious attempts to answer its questions and were analyzed in detail. The most revealing findings from the close-ended questions include the following. The majority of the instructors (52%) are not adequately satisfied with the material they use. Likewise, whereas a significant percentage has searched for additional material, a little less than half of them (45%) are not satisfied with material found. Respondents need materials for their lectures, materials to engage students outside lecture time and, to a lesser extent, materials to assess students. In terms of topics of interest, case studies and laboratory-related educational materials are the most popular. The online supplement of the paper includes broad-stroke and fine-stroke descriptions of desirable educational materials that provide directions for developing them.

Keywords: Geotechnical engineering education, Teaching needs assessment, Educational material development,

Submitted on April 13, 2023.
Final Acceptance on October 07, 2023.
Discussion open until August 31, 2024.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.2024.003623