Volume 46, N. 3

July-September 2023

Estimation of short-term settlements of MSW landfill materials using shear wave velocity


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Limited availability of simple yet adequately validated tools for estimating the deformation potential of municipal solid waste (MSW) material poses difficulty in planning and managing landfill operations. Estimation of settlement of MSW landfills has remained a challenge because of heterogeneity and time-varying mechanical behavior of MSW materials and difficulty of extracting representative samples and reconstituting them for laboratory testing. An empirical correlation is proposed here for estimating the short-term settlement of landfill materials. The relationship was developed by calibrating laboratory data from axial (1D) compression and consolidated drained triaxial tests against field-measured shear wave velocities from five landfill sites with varied waste compositions. The correlation was validated against three full scale load tests; one obtained in this research and two reported by others, and a field compaction study from a fourth landfill. Although the proposed correlation was more accurate than an alternative developed earlier, overall it underestimated settlements by about 12%. The proposed relationship could therefore provide a conservative guidance in MSW landfill design and operation.

Keywords: Compaction, Landfill, In-situ, Primary compression ratio, Shear wave velocity, Degradable waste,

Submitted on January 10, 2021.
Final Acceptance on February 06, 2023.
Discussion open until November 03, 2023.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.2023.078521