Volume 44, N. 1

January-March 2021

Analysis of different failure criteria to evaluate bauxite tailings mechanical behavior through numerical modelling

Technical Notes

Volume 44, N. 1, January-March 2021 | PDF (63 downloads)


In recent years several dam failures have been reported throughout the world, generating a social concern on mine tailings. Along these lines, it became essential to understand the mechanical behavior of these materials in order to refine current design technologies and prevent more tragedies. In this context, this research had two main goals: (i) to analyze bauxite tailings mechanical behavior through isotropically consolidated-undrained triaxial tests and consolidation tests; and (ii) to compare triaxial tests and numerical simulations results. Confining stresses of 75kPa, 150kPa, and 300kPa were applied in the triaxial tests. Numerical modelling was performed through ABAQUS software, in which three different failure criteria were analyzed, Mohr-Coulomb Model (MCM), Drucker-Prager Model (DPM), and Modified Cam-Clay Model (MCCM). Results indicated that all studied criteria showed satisfactory results, however, DPM was the best criterion to simulate bauxite tailings mechanical behavior and respective strength parameters.                

Keywords: Bauxite tailings, Mechanical behavior, Triaxial testing, Numerical simulation, ABAQUS,

Submitted on October 07, 2020.
Final Acceptance on April 06, 2021.
Discussion open until April 06, 2021.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.2021.053720