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This research aims to describe how rainfall can cause changes in the piezometric pore pressure and soil matric suction in a densely instrumented slope by the South BR-101 (Brazilian Numbered Highway), in the area of Morro do Boi, in the State of Santa Catarina, South Region of Brazil. The slope presented a history of instability movements instigated by ...

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In the Metropolitan Region of Recife, Northeast Brazil, landslides caused a total of 214 deaths between 1984 and 2012. Efforts have been made, but there is still need to improve the risk area management by discovering the correlations between the rainfall and landslides and by implementing a disaster warning and prevention system in order to reduce the ...

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After a short period of relatively intense rainfall, a deep-seated landslide occurred in a slope in Rio de Janeiro.
On the following day, field inspection revealed full saturation of the failure mass, despite the inexistence of groundwater in
the slope. A comprehensive experimental investigation was undertaken to determine the ge...

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