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Author: S.L. Machado

Results of triaxial tests performed in saturated and unsaturated compacted soil specimens with different interstitial fluids are presented. Tests were carried out in order to study the influence of the fluid relative dielectric constant, εr...

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This paper presents the development of an instrumented channel for two-dimensional multiphase flow of automotive fuels in unsaturated soils. Flow experiments were performed using water or diesel in an eolian sand at residual water saturation, a particular case of multiphase flow. Aspects such as the visual monitoring of the infiltration experiments and ...

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This technical note presents some preliminary results obtained with the use of hydrophobic and hydrophilic
tensiometers to measure liquid pressures in three-phase systems (air-NAPL-water). The porous tips of the hydrophobic
tensiometers underwent a surface treatment known as silanization. The silanized tensiometers demonstrated l...

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