Volume 35, N. 2

May-August 2012

Contribution to the Design of Urban Pavement of Low Volume Traffic Using the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer


Volume 35, N. 2, May-August 2012 | PDF (1 downloads)


The characteristics of the subgrade soil, obtained from laboratory and in situ tests, are of fundamental importance to the design of pavements. The tests carried out in the field, such as CBR in situ, Bredboard and others, represent more significantly the conditions of the soil. The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) is an equipment of easy use that has become an alternative to the pavement design. With that kind of equipment it is possible to determine the resistance profile to the penetration of the layers of the compacted soil or in its natural state from the correlations between this test and the CBR in situ. This work attemps to adequate a design method for urban pavements of low volume traffic, using the results of the penetration index obtained with the DCP. The results indicate that the DCP presents a high correlation with CBR in situ tests for A-2-4 soils, which can be used in pavement design of urban roads of low volume traffic.

Keywords: design of pavements, dynamic cone penetrometer, CBR in situ,

Submitted on August 17, 2011.
Final Acceptance on August 06, 2012.
Discussion open until December 29, 2012.